Group Rates

Group Rates

Team Building

Alpine Fun Factory is the perfect activity for your Group, Fund raising or Team Building Event! With Mission Based play, everyone learns to work together as a team, our staff will show you exactly what happens, and what it feels like, when you don’t work together. Then, with some coaching from our team, you will experience the total difference of working as a team with each person playing a key role.

When you book a Team Building or Group Event at Alpine Fun Factory, not only do you get to experience modified and longer game play, but you get to do it with the entire arena to yourself! All events are scheduled during non-public times.

Group and Team Building events must be booked in advance. Call to reserve your event NOW!

Group Rates are based on a group size of 10 people or more.

All events are 2 hours in length.

Group/Event Pricing

Arena Fee: $150

Per Person Admission: $25

Each Additional Hour

Arena: $100

Per Person Admission: $15