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Call of Duty Black Ops Style Laser Tag





Will you Help save us?

Our warehouse has been invaded by a secret organization bent on ruling the world.  We need some elite special operations teams to retake it.  Are you up to the challenge?  Come gear up and find out today!

Laser Tag is no longer boring!

Teams will duke it out using realistic Laser Tag equipment with live noise. Forget those black lights and cheesy plastic guns, our weapons are based on Phenom X-7 paint ball gun bodies. We use light weight bandoleers instead of bulky vests, headbands allow for head shots and all of our equipment is wireless!!!  Become fully immersed in our arena featuring incredible sound, lighting, and realism.  Our games are designed for teams to work together to solve problems or to complete an objective.  Our system is based on the popular video game “Call of Duty”.  We offer similar games such as:

  • Team Death match

  • Domination

  • And much more…

Great things are coming!